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What people say about NEWTHYNK.


"Gerry Newman looks at everything with the freshest eyes and the most curious mind. She is a fearless explorer of the human condition whose creativity and unique approach produces solutions to your problem that do not come out of a can. Her expertise and wisdom don’t just sell product, she establishes a strong relationship with the customer - the holy grail in contemporary marketing."


— David Bache, former Executive at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising and Professional Business Coach.


"Rarely have I met someone who can think and create in what appears to be a different dimension. That dimension is extremely valuable for new thinking and is mostly inaccessible to the rest of us. Gerry Newman has access to it. She has provided my company with insights on branding, marketing and store design that have been breakthroughs in our thinking and our results. Gerry is a rare and delightful gift."


— Ken Mandelbaum, Mandy’s, Professional Business coach


"It is always a delight to work with Geraldine Newman because she is truly a creative genius. Her ideas are not only brilliant but also relevant to the business. Geraldine understand how to deliver business results. She has a gift of bringing a high level of creative thinking to  any situation and I trust her ideas implicitly."


— Cathy Quartner Bailey, Quartner & Associates


"I worked with Geraldine on both short and long-form DRTV and I came away from the experience thinking that she’s not only a great writer and strategist , but knows just about everything involved in making DRTV work. As a consultant, I have now learned how well she deals with clients - both mine and her own. What’s remarkable about her DRTV prowess is that she also understands branding."


— Lee Marc Stein, Direct Marketing Consulting Services


"I recommend Geraldine Newman to anyone whose business will benefit from thoughtful, intensive analysis and imaginative ideas to increase revenue and sales. Geraldine is relentless in her pursuit of the right answer for her clients and is never superficial in her recommendations. Her eye is always on the ball, and that is sales."


— Joel Baumwoll,  President Brand Doctors


"Gerry Newman has performed reliably and creatively time and time again. And she always brings a little something extra to the job that makes it more than a creative solution - it’s a creative solution that hits the nail on the head."


— Larry Miller, President and CEO, Corinthian Communications

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