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 What we  do  for  you 

Full spectrum communication
Advertising. Branding. Content.

Geraldine Newman

President and CEO

Based on 4 principles:

1. The first time people choose your product or service, they are not choosing your product or service. They are choosing your story about your product or story.

2. People choose what they love.

3. To create this love, you have to know your target market and what you offer - intimately.

4. Love is emotional. But people need logic to give themselves permission to act on that love.

We are a success-driven consortium of award-winning thynkers.
Smart. Creative. Fresh. Bold. Professional.

And we know how to have people love what you have to offer.

Our track record speaks for itself.

What we do for you:
New Campaigns - TV, DRTV, web, print, radio

BrandThynk - create a brand

Brand Aid – change, refresh, expand your brand

ThynkTanks & Thynkubators - creative problem solving

2nd Opinion – what’s wrong, what’s right about what you’ve got.

Lemon Aid – Got a lemon? We make it delicious

USP Store – Unique Selling Proposition, everyone needs one. 

Naming – products, companies, technologies

NEWTHYNGS – new products and services

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